Accessorize 101

Accessorize your vehicle, Truckin Up style

Need ideas on how to Truck Up your truck or SUV? Look down this list and we'll help you out. We've come up with 6 ways to accessorize your truck or SUV to the fullest. Take a look and let us know what we can do for you!

STEP 1: The Basics. For your basic upgrades, we recommend a bug shield, vent visors, seat covers, and floor mats.

STEP 2: Bed makeover. For this step, we offer several different options. First, a Qwik Liner Spray-in bedliner. Secondly, we offer a sleek bedrug. We also have the drop in bedliners by Penda. And if you need just basic protection, we have the rubber bedmats. We also recommend a nice chrome or black toolbox, a nice set of bed rails with a tailgate protector. A set of stake pocket anchors, a few tie-down straps, and a ratchet bar to make sure everything your hauling stays in place.

Black Truck

STEP 3: Covering your bed. For this, we recommend several different types of protection. We have the TonneauMaster snap cover. We also have the Access/Lite Rider roll-up covers and the tried and true fiberglass covers.

STEP 4: The simple, appearence upgrades. This step consists of door handles, tailgate handle, gas door, 3rd brake light cover, and a hitch cover. All of which come in polished stainless steel, so no chipping or rusting.

STEP 5: Functional dress up. We recommend nerf bars for that easier step into your vehicle, a brush guard or bull bar for bumper protection, and a set of taillight protectors.

STEP 6: Performance upgrades. This is my favorite. I personally recommend getting a cold air intake, nice turboback or catback exhaust, and a computer programmer.